quarta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2013

I have not denied my faith !

Today I was attending an event calendar and humanistic celebration of Black Awareness Day and realized that some friends here and face the day to day were also worried about me and were very sincere in my state this . Some even questioned if I was giving up my vision of the Reformed Christian faith . Praise God for true friends , faithful and who care about my spiritual welfare .I confess that I was also worried at first when I received the invitation , but I decided to listen to the first person who invited me . Then she told me that it was not an " ecumenical " ( I put the term in quotes because there is this kind of worship once worshiped entities are distinct ) , but an event that sought civil meet the diverse religious expressions of our society since in all of them there are many blacks and descendants .So I understood that being something of a civil and social reflection , okay , it is impossible ofertarem various faiths worship the same as worship different deities and I will not waste time " pushing it " as if that were possible .Was not there as a worshiper, but as a representative of the Minister of evangelicalism our region and announced what the gospel of Jesus speaks about love and equality and everyone's responsibility before God .So , my heartfelt thanks to my brothers and friends their sincere concern for me and reassure them stating with conviction that I am not negotiating my faith seeking political recognition and human (because I think that chasing after the wind ) .God bless you and Soli Deo Gloria .