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A church that worships God knows who sings and listens

Scripture Reading Congregationalbiblical reference ( Psalm 101.1-4 )1. I will sing of loyalty and justice. To you, Lord, sing praises!
2. Follow the path of integrity When will you come to meet me? In my house I will live a perfect heart.
3. Disown all evil. I hate the conduct of the infidels; ever dominate me!
4. Far 'm the wicked heart, not the want to Get Involved with evil.

IntroductionOliver Sacks , neurologist says :Of all the animals , man is the only endowed with pace , able to respond to music with movement .It is also the only one to show a brain adapted to understand complex musical structures and still be thrilled with them . Musicians have alterations in brain regions never seen in other professional . For the British neurologist Oliver Sacks , the musicianship is so vital to the species as the language and understand the relationship between music and the brain is crucial to understanding the man .In his newest book, " musical hallucinations " ( Publisher Companhia das Letras ) , the expert reports cases of people who react to the music in unusual ways . There are those who simply can not hear it . And there are those who hear it all the time , even when no music is playing .There are people who came to hear sounds differently after undergoing brain surgery . And even those who developed an unusual musical talent . In this interview , Sacks says that there is a vast way still to go before we can fully understand these phenomena . But one thing , he says, is the fact : " The music has taken over many parts of the human brain . "( source: http://blogdofavre.ig.com.br/2007/09/musica-domina-o-cerebro-humano-diz-neurologista/ )elucidation Textual" This Psalm expresses the commitments of the Davidic king mediator ( David ) with his eternal King ( the Lord ) in relation to: 1) your personal life and 2 ) to the lives of those who dwell in the kingdom . " ( John MacArthur ) .

THEOLOGICAL TRUTHThe lives of the saints of God must be devoted to praise the name of the Eternal .Ioséias Carvalho Teixeirainterrogative sentenceWhy the Saints should devote their lives to praise the Lord ?transition sentenceThe Saints should devote themselves only to praise the Lord for at least three reasons.

I - WHY THE SAINTS IS WELL PRAISE HIM ( Psalm 33.1-4 ) .1. The world itself expects to hear the praises of God in the mouth of the holya. Shout for joy to the Lord , you righteous ones ; those who are straight and gets praise him .Praise the Lord with harp ; offer you music with the ten-stringed lyre .Sing to him a new song ; touch with ability to acclaim him .For the word of the Lord is true , he is faithful in all he does .2 . Because when we sing the lyrics and we enjoyed our worldly friends do not see us as different people and do not feel any need to change your life and conduct .3 . Because the lyrics are mundane lyrics that glorify the Lord in any of our lives , and even who denigrate faith , attack the morals or despise God's creation .

II - ONLY BECAUSE THE LORD IS WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE .1. Scripture teaches us to sing only to our God :a. For the Lord is great and greatly to be praised: he is to be more feared than all gods . 1 Chronicles 16:25b . And sing with a loud voice, " Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise ! " Revelation 5:12 .c . Great is the Lord , and greatly to be praised in the city of our God . Psalms 48:1 .2 . The worldly songs today do not glorify God , but rather distort the biblical teachings of holiness , purity , humility and truth.

III - BECAUSE THAT WILL SING THAT FLOODING OUR MIND AND HEART .1. Sing to the Lord with our understanding, not by fad :a. The world and many believers sing the songs and do not think of fashion in the letter that they are singing , but even so their thinking is influenced by what they sing .b . The true Christian knows what it sings because it does so with intelligence : So , what shall I do ? I will pray with the spirit , and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit , but also sing with the understanding . 1 Corinthians 14:15c . The market " gospel " is not interested in worshiping God with a biblical praise , but write songs that appeal to popular and mass . What matters is to sell a lot and produce new songs continuously to keep selling to a public increasingly avid consumers .d. It uses the argument that we should always sing a new song to the Lord , as the Bible teaches well . However , we must not forget that these Psalms that teach this truth are still sung in Israel , because biblical songs , like the Biblical word , not age , while the songs are recorded gospel market today , make a huge success , but six months later people already consider them old and many do not even remember most of them .

Conclusion :Music has the power to shape our behavior and way of thinking . If we listen and sing songs to the Lord we formatted our mind and feelings of love and fear of God . If we listen and sing songs humanists or even Satanists have our mind and feelings formatted humanism or satanism.The choice of who will format the way you think and feel is yours and you will be responsible for that choice . Decide and take a stance today.